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Do the prices in our gaming tables catalogue include VAT?

All prices in our catalogue are inclusive of VAT.

What materials are our gaming tables made of?

Our game tables are made of high quality solid pine or oak wood, except for some very specific parts, where we have decided that fibreboard veneered in pine or oak (these are table tops and table bottoms) performs better.

What are the fundamental differences between the two types of wood?

The main difference between pine and oak wood is that while oak is very hard and therefore very difficult to mark or scratch with a blow, pine is a softer wood and therefore we have to be more careful if we don’t want the table to deteriorate with the passing of time and daily use. We are always talking about the aesthetic aspect, in the structural part the table is made to last a lifetime in both types of wood. We therefore recommend oak for our play tables in cases where the table is going to be used a lot, or where it is going to be used twice a day (eating and playing), and in cases where there are children and/or pets at home.

What is the configuration of the basic gaming table without accessories and add-ons?

The basic price includes: the table itself, the covers to cover it, the separating rail, the inner rail for cards and the outer rail for accessories. This is for the Zeus, Ares and Electra models. On the Prometheus, Artemis and Athena models, in addition to the above, a fixed upholstered base is included in a fabric of your choice from our Rustika Aquaclean samples. All our table models can be made to special measurements, except for the Artemis and Athena models, which are standard sizes.

Is there a surcharge for painting the gaming table in two colours?

Yes, painting a table in two colours has a surcharge of 10% on the price of the basic table, the same as painting the table in a lacquered colour (white or antique white). For example, the surcharge for painting an Ares in two colours is 108 euros. In the case of hybrid tables, this extra cost is already included in the price.

Which of the table’s complements can be ordered at a later date and which have to be manufactured at the same time as the table if they are to be included?

Accessories such as LEDs, extension, plexiglass, removable drawer for storing the lids and magnetic anti-spill system must be ordered at the same time as the gaming table itself, as they are attached to the table and cannot be supplied later. All other accessories that run along the rails can be ordered at a later date without any problem.

What is the current delivery time for our gaming tables?

Our current delivery time is approximately 4 to 5 months from the time the quotation is accepted and the first payment is made.

How do I pay for the table?

Payment for the gaming table is made by bank transfer, with the first half of the total amount to be paid on acceptance of the quotation as a deposit, and the second half of the total amount to be paid when the table leaves our factory.

How is the game table shipped?

The table is delivered to the door of the customer’s home, although normally the transport company helps the customer to bring the table to the lift. In case you need a complete delivery to the inside of the house, please ask for availability. In any case, the transport does not include the assembly, which is easily done by the customer. The only things to assemble are the legs and the extractable drawer to store the covers, if included, and both elements are assembled in five minutes, following some brief advice and videos that we send before the arrival of the table. In case you need a delivery to your home, we will ask for a personalised price from the transport agency.

Are there other transport options?

We are happy to ship the gaming table to any other agency that the customer requests if we can find a cheaper or more reliable one.

The table can also be picked up at the factory by the customer himself if he wishes to do so and has a suitable vehicle.

What is the main difference between the two fabric collections?

The main difference between the Marina and Daytona collections is that the Marina collection has a little shading on its surface which makes it a little less visually uniform, while Daytona is completely smooth. There are also some shades that are only found in one of the collections, so having both collections to choose from broadens the range of colours. We can also choose one side of the insert in one collection and the other side in the other. In terms of quality, treatment and feel, both fabrics are similar.

What is the warranty on our gaming tables?

All our tables come with a two-year warranty on the electrical and structural parts, although our intention in manufacturing them is to make them last a lifetime.

With the delivery of the table you will receive the corresponding invoice, as well as a small sheet of recommendations for its daily use and care.

What is a Hybrid table?

The new range of hybrid tables are characterised by the use of two different woods in their manufacture.

They have the frame and tops in oak wood and the rest of the table in pine wood.

In this way, we reinforce the parts of the table that usually suffer the most with oak wood, which is much harder than pine, without the price of the table being as high as in our models made entirely in oak wood.

Mesas para juegos en Zona Lúdica


Mesas para juegos in Zona Lúdica 2022:

From 29 April to 2 May last, was held in Mollina Malaga, Zona Lúdica 2022, event in which our company has been participating since 2017 and this year we did not want to miss after 2 years without having been able to be held due to the pandemic.

On this occasion, several gaming tables came out of our Showroom, directly to be tested by all those attending the event, which specialised in board games and role-playing games, but which also included outdoor games, tournaments and demonstrations of board games at the prototype stage.
Specifically, our contribution consisted of bringing two Ares model gaming tables, one in pine wood and the other in hybrid wood and also a Prometheus model, our smallest but fully customisable gaming table, in this case the Prometheus model that we brought to the event is made of solid oak wood.

During the different days, there were many people who came to our stand to try our gaming tables, both with their own board games, as well as on loan, as the organisation made available to anyone who requested it, a wide variety of board games which included classic games of all times, along with the latest novelties that the publishers were bringing to the event.
There were also many people who came to our stand to receive information about our gaming tables, and we informed them about everything and showed them our most outstanding novelties for this year, such as our premium LED lights with continuous effect, our fabric dice trays, or our tilted trays to support mobile phones or tablets.

From Mesas para juegos, we want to thank as always to the organization of the event, for letting us use this magnificent showcase to show our gaming tables to all attendees and for the kind treatment they have been giving us during all these years.
We could also see that Zona Lúdica is still a reference event in the world of board games, that no gamer should miss if you want to spend a weekend enjoying our favourite hobby and a great gaming atmosphere.

So, we’ll see you next year if everything goes well and from now on we have to get ready for our next event, which will probably be the International Board Games Festival of Cordoba, which we will also return to after two years without being able to celebrate it, and we are also looking forward to it!

Thanks for following us and see you soon! Mesas para juegos.


At MESAS PARA JUEGOS we recommend the following to avoid, as far as possible, dents or scratches on the frame and table tops:

– Cover the table with a tablecloth at mealtimes.
– Prevent pets such as cats and dogs from climbing on the table.
– Do not play with watches, bracelets or other metal decorations.
– Place centrepieces, vases, etc., with a protective cloth underneath.
– Handle the covers with care not to hit them or the frame when taking them off and putting them on.

Here are a few more tips to help you take care of your gaming table!

– Game table mat handles: It is recommended not to lift or hold the full weight of the table mat through the included handles, as this could cause the table mat to give way. It is therefore only recommended to use it to remove the mat from the play area when it is fitted in its space of use, otherwise, manipulate the mat by holding it by the edges.

– Cleaning and care of your game table: To clean your game table, start with a dusting and use only a soft cloth dampened with a soapy solution. Avoid placing the table near sources of heat, moisture or strong natural light. Do not use ammonia products, solvents or abrasives. Do not spray with aerosols or alcohol-based products.

-Cleaning and care of the mat: The fabric of the rug has anti-stain treatment, clean the stain with water and a brush, if it is more persistent clean it with alcohol and a brush, if we only want to remove dust, give with the brush or a small hoover. There is an entry in this blog dedicated to cleaning stains on both table mats and chairs.

-Lids: To prevent the two central lids of the play table from sagging, it is recommended that the separator strip underneath them is pushed through when the play area is clear.

-Magnetic anti-spill system: In case of spillage of any liquid on the tops, it is recommended to wipe it off as quickly as possible, as the magnetic system may not be 100% effective and water is very damaging to the wood of your gaming table if it remains on the table for too long.


Interocio 2022 mesas para juegos


On the 11th, 12th and 13th of March, the first Interocio 2022 fair was held in Madrid, in the pavilion number 14 of Ifema, Madrid.

This event brought together most of the Spanish board game publishers, as well as board game shops, both physical and online, constituting a great attraction for the general public, due to the large number of novelties presented at the event and the possibility for visitors to get the latest board games published in Spain, and also to attend multiple demonstrations and tournaments of new and classic board games.

Our company, www.mesasparajuegos.com, was present throughout the event, and we were very satisfied with the large number of people interested in the board games we showed at our stand.
After several last minute changes, we finally decided to bring to our stand at Interocio, two of our best selling gaming tables models such as Ares and Prometheus.

Specifically, visitors were able to see live a table model Ares, our best-selling model, made of hybrid oak and pine wood, continuous LED lights and reversible upholstered base. This model measures 172 x 113 cm and from our beginnings until today, it is the most successful model of our brand.
Accompanying our Ares model, we could also find in our stand a Prometheus games table. This game table is also a reference in our catalogue, as it is a smaller table and also very popular since our beginnings. The Prometheus model taken to Interocio was made entirely of oak wood.
In our stand you could also see and try one of our chair models, specifically the Laval model, a chair with a very attractive design and very comfortable, designed to spend hours and hours sitting at our gaming tables.
To see all our chair models, we recommend you to visit our website www.mesasparajuegos.com.

But the biggest novelty presented by our brand at Interocio was a new model of shelving, called Olympus. A shelf designed to store board games, books and anything else we have in our home, which can be assembled and disassembled in a very simple way and whose measurements can be adapted to the needs of our customers and painted to match our game tables.

Finally, we would like to thank the publishing house Devir Iberia, for allowing us to host our Zeus gaming table, our largest table, at their stand, which was used throughout the event to present the Bitoku board game, a Spanish game whose success both inside and outside Spain has been spectacular.

And nothing more to add for now. We would like to thank all our customers for their visit, both those who already have our gaming tables, as well as those who are in the process of buying a table or are thinking of buying one. And for all those who could not be at Interocio and want to see our gaming tables at upcoming events, we will be announcing the next events we will be attending on our social networks.

Best regards and see you at the gaming tables.


Accesorios para mesas de juego

Our fabrics


Aquaclean® Technology is a revolutionary treatment that allows stains to be cleaned simply by using a little water. This makes maintenance of our upholstery and our gaming tables very easy and time-saving.

Aquaclean helps to get rid of majority of household stains (wine, ink, sauce, grease, grease, mud, chocolate, cream, etc.) those that may fall on our game table mat or on any of our upholstery, making our life easier and leaving us more time for the important things.


AquacleanTechnology is an advanced protection for upholstery, whether it’s the upholstery on our gaming tables, chairs, cushions, cushions, upholstery accessories ….. This treatment covers each fibre with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric.

1. Remove the excess of residue poured on the upholstery of your table.

2. Apply water to the stain, either directly or with a damp, wrung out absorbent cloth. Wait a few seconds.

3. Press on the stain with the cloth and rub gently over the fabric in a circular motion. If the stain does not completely disappear, repeat the process as many times as necessary.

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