27 April, 2022
27 April, 2022 admin

At MESAS PARA JUEGOS we recommend the following to avoid, as far as possible, dents or scratches on the frame and table tops:

– Cover the table with a tablecloth at mealtimes.
– Prevent pets such as cats and dogs from climbing on the table.
– Do not play with watches, bracelets or other metal decorations.
– Place centrepieces, vases, etc., with a protective cloth underneath.
– Handle the covers with care not to hit them or the frame when taking them off and putting them on.

Here are a few more tips to help you take care of your gaming table!

– Game table mat handles: It is recommended not to lift or hold the full weight of the table mat through the included handles, as this could cause the table mat to give way. It is therefore only recommended to use it to remove the mat from the play area when it is fitted in its space of use, otherwise, manipulate the mat by holding it by the edges.

– Cleaning and care of your game table: To clean your game table, start with a dusting and use only a soft cloth dampened with a soapy solution. Avoid placing the table near sources of heat, moisture or strong natural light. Do not use ammonia products, solvents or abrasives. Do not spray with aerosols or alcohol-based products.

-Cleaning and care of the mat: The fabric of the rug has anti-stain treatment, clean the stain with water and a brush, if it is more persistent clean it with alcohol and a brush, if we only want to remove dust, give with the brush or a small hoover. There is an entry in this blog dedicated to cleaning stains on both table mats and chairs.

-Lids: To prevent the two central lids of the play table from sagging, it is recommended that the separator strip underneath them is pushed through when the play area is clear.

-Magnetic anti-spill system: In case of spillage of any liquid on the tops, it is recommended to wipe it off as quickly as possible, as the magnetic system may not be 100% effective and water is very damaging to the wood of your gaming table if it remains on the table for too long.


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