Once you have already decided our table measures and model, we can take it to the next level of comfort adding inserts, LED lightings, extensions and/or Plexiglass transparent sheets, all of them completely optional for your convenience while playing.


Made with a 15-mm board. Both sides are upholstered allowing the choice of fabric and colours to switch, and resistant to wear and tear. Fabric handles enable easy placement and removal.


152 x 92
195 €


92 x 92
145 €


182 x 92

*Prices can vary depending on the size of the table.

You can choose between two different finish for your insert:

  • First quality German felt
  • RUSTIKA fabric: with dust mite protection and anti-stain AquaClean technology


A 2-mm thick protective sheet completely transparent, very useful for boardgames and role games with paper maps, you can also write and erase on the sheet without spoiling the maps. It includes a suction pad to easily remove it.


150 x 92
85 €


92 x 92
67 €


180 x 92

*Prices can vary depending on the size of the table.


Especially designed to create an incredible game atmosphere. Inserted on an aluminium LED strip with opaque diffuser. You will enjoy a light with no shadow, adaptable intensity and remote control.

15-w lighting LED system, white or coloured light. Low energetic consumption. Installed with 120 º to prevent shadows.


LED white 192€ 

LED coloured 227€


LED white 155€

LED coloured 184€


LED white 232€
LED coloured 267€

*This accessory cannot be integrated in the table after fabrication is completed. So make sure you include it in your initial order.

*This accessory is only available for Ares, Zeus, Prometheus, Hermes y Electra.

*Prices can vary depending on the size of the table.


If you are looking for a small table, but with the option of enlarging it at times, this is your complement, as in 3 easy steps it will give you 40 more cm.

**Maximum weight 25kg.

Size: 40×115 cm

Pine: 225€

Oak: 289€

*Our extension requires to be adjusted to each table. Small differences in milimetres between different tables (our work is hadmade and these are always possible), could prevent an optimal fit of the extension.
Therefore, make sure you order this accessory before shipping so we can adjust it to your table.

*This accessory is not compatible with the table Athena.

Choose from a wide range of totally optional peripheric accessories available for your convenience while playing. They are all made with solid pine wood and finish with high strength varnish, just like the tables.

Book stand

Drawer to store. This accessory features a flip-out stand for guidebooks and tablets. Perfect for dungeon masters and checking rules during the game. It could also be used on the table.

Pine: 129€

Oak: 232€

Cards tray

With four rails to hold carts in a vertical position. Includes a small padded tray for dice or tokens. An accessory that will help you enjoy a more comfortable game

Pine: 32€

Oak: 58€


With metal slides. It’s the perfect accessory to store the table leaves when you are playing or the rest of the accessories.

Pine: 219€

Oak: 285€

*If you wish this accessory make sure you order it before the table is shipped, as it requires adjustments in the table that should be made in-house.

*This accessory is only available for Ares and Zeus.

Cup holder

With an anti-tip clef. This accessory will allow you to keep your drink away from the game area.

Pine: 29€

Oak: 45€

Token tray

This accessory allows you to store your tokens, meeples and dice. Padded inside.

Pine: 32€

Oak: 58€

Double tray

A very useful accessory to write down notes and keep guidebooks, tablets and mobile phones underneath.

Pine: 45€

Oak: 76€

Dice tray

Padded tray, a perfect accessory to roll the dice.

Pine: 29€

Oak: 52€

Glass holder

With the possibility to include a metal bowl for cans and bottles. Keep your drinks away from the game area.

Pine: 29€

Oak: 45€

Soporte metálico: 4€

Token organiser

This accessory allows classifyig and/or organising your tokens and meeples thanks to its 9 divisions.

Pine: 45€

Oak: 76€


This tray is ideal for food or game components.

**You can add a reversible insert (with upholstery fabric) for 15€.

Pine: 39€

Oak: 66€

Tray with usb charger

With two usb ports to charge your mobile phone or tablet.

Pine: 89€

Oak: 126€

Dice tower

Elegant and simple hand-crafted dice tower that will match your table and will help you to control your rolls.

79 €

Chest to store leaves

Large and perfect to store your games and complements. It can also be used as a seat.

Pine: 395 €

Oak: 590 €

Chest to store leaves

Ideal to keep the leaves of your table and orther accessories. The top of this chest is padded in the colour you choose. You can also sit on it.


Pine: 232 €

Oak: 395 €

Card holders

Single card holder 18 €.

Double card holder 24 €.

Dice tray

Free choice of colour and fabrics.

Pine: 32 €

Multi-purpose stand

Pine: 32 €

Oak: 39 €

Mug Holder (Avaiable soon)

Pine: 46 €

Oak: 65 €

Desk on table

Pine: 34 €

Oak: 42 €

Wooden blocks

With our set of padded wooden blocks you can elevate the insert of your table to two different positions. Great to save jigsaw puzzles or games underneath while you play somenthing on top.

18 €


We invite you to contact us for more information about our products and services