Discover our tables. Your games won’t ever be the same!

Choose the gaming table that will best adapt to your taste. Remember you can choose from our models Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Prometheus and Electra.

What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of totally optional peripheric accessories available for a more comfortable gaming time. They are all made with solid pine wood and finish with high strength varnish, just like the tables. The different options are: glass holder, card tray, token tray, dice tray, drawer, double tray, book stand, token organiser, cup holder.

These accessories are ideal to store the wooden table leaves when you are playing, check the rules meanwhile, organise tokens, hold carts, roll dice, write down notes, store guides, tablets and mobile phones and keep your drinks away from the game area.

You can also customise your table with our complements adding inserts, LED lightings, extensions and/or Plexiglas protective sheets, all of them completely optional for your convenience while playing.

As for the insert, it has both sides upholstered and you can choose between two different colours or fabric to switch them as you wish. Likewise, the handle enables easy placement and removal.

The Plexiglass protective sheets are completely transparent, very useful for board games or role play games with paper maps. You can also write on them and then erase without spoiling your maps. It includes suction pads to easily remove the sheet.

Moreover, you can have a LED lighting table to create an incredible atmosphere for your games. You will enjoy a light with no shadow, adaptable intensity and remote control.


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